Change Occurs
The Windsurfing and Sailboarding industries have not changed in over twenty years. The demographic needle has remained virtually constant in its pursuit of White Males, middle age, upper middle income, minimum 4 year degree education. It is no surprise that the industry has experienced only minimal growth margins. But what would happen to our industry if we not only courted new markets but also infused the product with innovative and valuable modifications?

We have done just that. Our projected demographics are considerably broader than the traditional picture. Our earnings projections are, similarly, considerably stronger than those of our traditionalist competitors.

Suprene Sail & Surf has produced a strong line of Sailboard/Windsurf product developments capable of capturing new markets, a stronger industry market position and resulting in a substantial return on investment. Our designs are available for exclusive, all rights attached sale to you, the manufacturer. All you add is your brand name and label!

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